[Camerata Singers of Monterey]

Just a week after returning from Korea, I'm off to the gorgeous Monterey Peninsula of California to sing with the Camerata Singers of Monterey County. I am fortunate to have grown up on the tip of the peninsula in Pacific Grove, so I get to see my parents, many old friends and my mom's three dogs, Sofie, Dixie and Louie. 

My view while having coffee this morning. Across the bay is Santa Cruz!

My view while having coffee this morning. Across the bay is Santa Cruz!

I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium today, which is a few blocks from my house! The jellies have always been my favorite :) We also visited Point Lobos State Reserve, IMHO one of the most beautiful places on earth. The shot above is of China Cove. I found a perfect tree at the Badger Hills Park for some #spontaneousyoga.  

Me and conductor John Koza

Me and conductor John Koza

We've had two very successful concerts already, and tomorrow we close our run with a matinée at the First Presbyterian Church in Monterey, CA. Working with the Camerata Singers and conductor John Koza has been very special for me. Seventeen years ago, John began the Futures Program with the Camerata Singers of Monterey County, accepting a few high school students to sing with the choir. I joined the choir that inaugural year and it means so much to me to have been asked back to solo with the choir this season.  I've seen many faces from my past, and I want to thank everyone who came out to support me and the Camerata Singers this week! And a huge thanks to John Koza for inviting me to return home to make my solo debut with the Camerata Singers of Monterey County! 

Also, thanks to composer Abbie Betinis, who wrote one of the pieces featured on our concert- Behind the Clouds. It is always thrilling for me to sing works by living composers, and Abbie has been so encouraging and wonderful in preparation for this performance. 




"Her first song was the Felix Mendelssohn Grant, O Lord, thy grace unbounded exhibiting an evenness and controlled soaring ability"

"Behind The Clouds [Abbie Betinis], displayed her wide range and ability to convey hope, peace, joy, and love."



"Finnegan sang the first verse alone, handling its challenging voice-leading with smooth command."

I am supported by so many amazing people! My first voice teacher, Linda Purdy came to hear me, as well as two of my teachers from York School- Nicholas Sturch and Jack Arnold. And as always, my awesome parents came to see EVERY show!